What is the PFRC?

Just what is the PFRC? Well, here's what we're not:


And now that that's out of the way, it can simply be said that the PFRC is Michigan Tech's Science Fiction/Fantasy/Mad Science/Whatever sounds fun club. If you're looking for a group to talk about science fiction with, or just simply to ask the best way to turn your roommate different colorswithout (permanently) harming him or her, you've found it.

If you want to see our constitution, look here.

We are also closely associated with General Technics (GT), an organization of mad scientists and eclectical engineers that many of our alumni have joined after leaving MTU. A group of GT folks, headed by the ever-insane Guy Wicker, have bought 160 acres of stamp sand near Eagle Harbor,to use for the annual Berserker that Guy sponsors up here every summer. We have permission to use this property for outdoor activities that need large,fireproof areas. A map to the property is here