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Well, we still generally try to fit the description at, where a brief description can be found as well as a link to the constitution. But the the spirit of the organization is to never stop tampering with and changing things including ourselves.

n our Humble Beginnings we were but a sci-fi and fantasy fiction club focused on ranting and going to and hosting conventions. While we have declined in form and number since those days some 34 years ago or so, I like to think that we have become something more, or at least have kept in tune with the preferences of our active members as their numbers ebb and wane.

In years past, we have been a club of inappropriate celebrations. In in more recent years, recreational engineering has become a club standard. Nevertheless, the club has always had the spirit of discussion (some times discussion though argument), enlightenment though explanation, armchair commentary, divination though delegation, boisterous discourse, wisdom of the anarchy, teaching though tinkering and experiment now, ask questions later.

We also happen to be closely associated (and have many members in common) with other organizations, in particular: