Here's a list of links that may be of interest to anyone who's interested in the PFRC, or are just simply strange enough to attract my interest.

Special interest links are on separate pages.


The Death Clock Just how long do you have?
Missing Socks The Bureau of Missing Socks
The Kooks' Museum A collection of the strange
The Ring of Fnords The Discordian web ring
TransHumanism Resources Oh, you mean like Kwisatz Haderach, Homo Superior, and that sort of thing.
Book-A-Minute SF/F Wish you had more time to read, but just can't seem to find it? Try the highly condensed version here.
Special Documents Various documents collected by members of the PFRC over the years. May contain NSFW items, including instructions on weaponry.

Special Interest:

Please note that these area are not necessarily of major importance to the group as a whole; they are put up at the requests of individual members.

The Wheel of Time An exceedingly long, ongoing series of fantasy novels by Robert Jordan; an obsession of many people (like him)
Get Dilbert! It's not science fiction (usually), but there's many a cartoon here which fits nicely...
User Friendly Another good cartoon strip. Not usualy science fiction but it has many funny things dealing with computers.
spam encryption making encrypted messages that look like spam