Posted 04-Dec-2004:

A proposal is out to rename the last of the 'serious' officer titles to jokes

Other name suggestions will be accepted up to the time of the vote

Other Amendments:

Posted 16-Oct-2004:

Time Note
7:07I arrived at meeting
7:08Adam wants a lithium ion battery
7:09Need Miron sticker for my hard hat
7:10They don't make college ruled part right anymore
7:11Am I still the secretary?
7:12Bryon made an agenda again
7:13I hate agendas
7:14Bryon dared to call meeting to order
7:15We have two bank accounts??
7:16Torture List!!! Matt forgot his memory
7:17Purchase pelican hook
7:18Build a new Tesla Coil
7:19Seems like MJS will head that up
7:20Coil costs the most
7:2120mA, 12kV transformer
7:22Dan has tubes?
7:23Adam can get cheap ones
7:24$200 for treb, $250 for tesla
7:26I was daydreaming, sorry
7:27Seperating salt in microwave
7:28Need a 10 A, 5-10 V DC power supply
7:29Dale is in charge of stealing power
7:30Adam let me see his remote detonator
7:31Does the rail gun work?
7:32Crap about the use of USG funds
7:33Make hydrogen vehicle
7:34Make Stirling engine
7:35The heavy duty cans in the cafe
7:36Halloween party on Mole day
7:37at 6:02 am
7:38Dogs like to wake people up early
7:39Klaatu Barada Niktu
7:40What movie to watch?
7:41Stack Overflow Error!

Posted 09-Oct-2004:

We talked about stuff