The Berserker Site, also known as the Wicker Wasteland

This is 160 acres of the finest-quality stamp sand, virtually impervious to flame or other destructive forces. It is the perfect "somebody else's yard" in which to do many and sundry things.

The road marked "A", which starts at the corner of Eagle Harbor and goes past the cemetery, is the most driveable route. It ends up on top of a bluff that overlooks the sands (marked by the dot).

The road marked "B" is a much shorter way to the same spot, but it is a lot rougher, and considerably steeper. Not recommended unless you have a 4-wheel drive that you do not treasure too much.

Route "C" would be a good way in, except that the road is blocked off, so don't worry about it.

There is a branch off of road "A" (labelled "D") that is kind of twisty and sandy, but leads down to a large flat area that is suitable for lots of parking.

Dale Yeo says there is another route in from Cat Harbor (the small bay that is due north of the property), but it isn't marked on any of my maps and I'm not sure how good the road is.